Beginners guide to playing at online casinos

What does one need in order to play at online casinos? Well besides the obvious, a computer and an internet connection, one needs to be the legal age, depending on your country of residence they are in. If you are not sure if you are of the legal age confirm this with the local authority as it will be either 18 or 21. We are not able to guess where all our visitors come from so you will need to do this yourself. Lastly you need money and can transact either by credit card, Moneybookers or an eWallet like NETeller. Don't you think it's nice of the casinos to even give the detailed information about the banking on their pages?

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As these transactions are like any internet banking transaction, they are 128 bit encoded to prevent the information being stolen. There is not anything that you need to worry about with regards to safety. Other worries that you may have is whether you will get paid or not. Well cheat and you won't be paid but otherwise don't worry. The Online Casino has a reputation to worry about and also a license that needs to be considered. Should they not pay, they stand to loose the license, so trust us there is no worry about being paid.

Once the decision has been made as to which online casino you are going to play at, you have to then decide whether you are going to download the software or if you are going to play in flash. Although you are able to access the casinos behind a firewall while playing flash, you have far more options when you download. One of our best Flash Casinos is Piggs Peak. One needs to keep in mind though, that downloads can be big (say5GB) so time must be allowed to complete the download (give it say 30 minutes on a standard dialup). There are, say about 5 or so preloaded games and while you playi these, the others start to load in the background.

Please remember to use your real name and not try to open multiple accounts just in order to get freebie cash, they will catch you! With regard to the opening of accounts, we have found that once you have registered your account it is better to save the details in a secure location. There are times when one may clear their cookies and your login information is no longer staring you in the face. This can be very frustrating. Very important - remember that all these casinos cater for a period of FREE PLAY. This will give you time to familiarize yourself with the games and the software.

How does this work, you may wonder. Is there someone sitting in the back office who selects his friends to win at your expense. The answer is no, a little Casinos 101 applies. All of the casinos including real land based casinos, have computer operated games. For example the slots and so on. These are controlled by a program known as a random number generator. Basically the program will randomly give you results like for a coin flip. Heads, tails, tails, heads, and so on. Chartered Accountants have tested these programs to guarantee a fair and random result. The best that one can do to get an edge is making friends with the support people and maybe get given a few free credits.

Regarding support, keep in mind that there are toll free numbers on each site. You can also access support via live chat (popup windows style) or by e-mail. We have found that they are very responsive with any problems and are always willing to help.

So no need for the make-up or best suit, simply make a cup of coffee, sit in your PJ's, and enjoy playing online.


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