Should you stick to a specific strategy when playing poker?

Poker is a very popular game, which is played all over the world, and it has many known variants. This game involves psychology, mathematics, and statistics. Therefore besides knowing the rules of the game you have to know lots of other things if you want to be a professional poker player.

The rules of the games are simple, and almost the same: you will be dealt cards, and you will have a series of betting. In the end, the best poker hand will win the money. These poker combinations are the same in every poker variant.

In poker, basically because it has so many characteristics there are many kinds of strategies, and professional poker players don't just play the game. They have a well planned strategy, even before they make their first bet. Strategies are indispensable in order to win money. There are many strategies, having their basics in psychology, mathematics, calculating odds, and so on. There are some which are popular and there are some which are unique, developed by professional poker players and used only by those who developed it.

Because of these varieties of strategies, it is not a good idea to use a pattern all the time when playing poker. This has many disadvantages and even a very good strategy which brought a player tons of money will be a financial deathtrap at some point. Many things can go wrong. For instance by using a strategy for a long period, you are supposing that it is a perfect strategy, which can't be beaten. This is wrong, every strategy has its setbacks next to its advantages and you can't win it all.

For instance in many casinos there are player notes available. This means, that players can not your style, strategies which you uses, etc. Basically they want to know how good you are. But in the same time, these notes are very valuable if they want to win, because if you are using one strategy alone, they will know that, and they will start preparing the countermeasures against it. If you do not expect them to do this, you might be in a surprise, and you indeed can loose a lot of money.

On the other hand you might find players, who are using a totally different strategy, which might confuse you, and force you to make mistakes. Let's say for example, that one person is using a psychological play, and the other one is calculating everything step by step. You are expecting a mistake from the other player, while he goes only on calculated risks. In this case, he might be in an advantage, but it's very hard to say.

In poker there are a lot of factors and many of them are unpredictable. The personal style of the player means a lot in the play. Also the attitude could decide in the end who will win or not: a very cool player against a very emotional one might be in a very huge advantage. Usually in poker those who loose their heads will start making fatal mistakes, which in the most cases prove to be irreparable. Unfortunately it is impossible to predict these factors; probably because of this it is impossible to "learn" poker, only by practice.

In order to be a successful poker player you have to known lots of strategies, and if necessary to know how to switch it during a poker game. It is very important to be creative, and to respond quickly to every situation. Don't be very hasty though, because it might mean loosing a lot of money. When playing poker you might bump into situations which were totally unknown to you even if you have some years of experience behind you. This is basically why the game has such a big number of fans. And the more you play the more you know and the more money you can win, but if you play a lot and you don't play well you might loose all you have. This is why you have to be careful what strategies are you using. Strategies can mean it all. It is never enough to play and let your luck decide your faith. You have to take everything into your own hands, and try to have full control upon the things which are happening at the table; otherwise you might get into situations with no positive outcomes for you.

Never use one single strategy when you are playing poker. You have to be open for everything: accept the current situation and adapt yourself so that you can play comfortable. If someone is trying to play a psychological game, than you should keep your calm whatever happens, and if someone is using a strong mathematical basis in his game, than you should probably do anything you can to tilt him out of his comfort zone, force him into errors which might mean winning money for you. It is not so hard, once you have learned what you have to do. Strategies are the most important thing in poker, like I said. There is a factor of luck in the game, but with a good strategy you can minimize the risk and maximize profits.


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