Online Slots Guide - How to play slots

Originally the slot machine was a simple one line machine however today we sit with a multitude of choices, as described below. Slot machines as still amongst the most popular online casino slots.

  1. The classical 3 reel, 1 line machine. With this game you can simply continue to spin until such time as you have 3 winning symbols aligned and the payout is displayed in a table on the machine.
  2. The 3 reel, 3 line slot. With this you are able to use your coins to purchase extra lines which gives you 3 chances at winning, i.e. the top and bottom line.
  3. The 5 or more reel slot. Larger variations, such as Zigzag like patterns of "lines" can be found, which also give an increase in returns. These online slots eat up money, but huge surprise wins are common.
  4. Progressive Machines. This is a network of machines that all contribute to the Jackpot prize. These are machines like Major Millions (Microgaming) also known as the "millionaire" machines.
  5. Bonus machines. With the arrival of Video slots, the bonus game feature is a newer innovation. One of the popular ones is Genies Gem (Microgaming software). It generally pays out really well, but in order to play the bonus game one must first get a specific row of symbols.

You do get a few casinos that, in order to increase the variety, simply put different skins on machines. We, however prefer featuring the casinos that are more focused on the enjoyment of the player and offer a wider variety of games.

At the majority of reputable online casinos you are invited to play free slots as a guest to get the feel of the Casino and the software a great idea for those who have not as yet tried their hand playing online.

Slots Strategy

The very first thing, when it comes to strategy is Money or bankroll management. You need to gamble according to what you have determined can be spent.

Assume the following:

  • 10 spins per minute at 3 coins per spin with a return of 95%
  • 10c gives you a loss rate of $9 per hour
  • 50c gives you a loss rate of $50 per hour
  • $1 gives you a loss rate of $100 per hour
  • $5 gives you a loss rate of $500 per hour

During slots play you must not have the attitude of "just one more spin" as you could lose everything you have made. So when you have hit a decent win you must walk away. When playing, the main object is not to play and play at the projected loss rate but to win. So when you win a progressive jackpot or similar "Big payout", cashout and walk away a winner.

A suggestion for base strategy is to play the "flat rate" machines first and then move onto the higher paying (and higher risk of losing) machines. Also, one could have a max barrier they play through e.g. $100, then cashout the winnings before moving onto the progressive type slot machines.

Another thing to keep in mind when playing slot machine games, is always play the maximum coinage. By looking at the tables you will note that the "jackpot" generally does not grow on a 1, 2, 3 basis, but more along the lines of 1, 2, 4 or even more! I wouldn't want to be the one to hit three 7's and only have used one coin! Major disappointment!

Top Tip: You can download the casino or you can play in flash! We also suggest you always try and play the newest online slots. They are generally believed to be more loose to gain a following.


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