Online Blackjack Guide - How to play Blackjack

To start, each player including the dealer is dealt two cards. The object of this game is to get as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. The players play their hand against the hand of the dealer. It is therefore necessary for the player to get closer to 21 than the dealer, but of course without exceeding 21. By doing this you win the game.

For the expert player, to simply get closer to 21 is not the object of his game. His objective is simply to beat the dealer!

A blackjack is obtained when your first two cards that you are dealt equal 21 (when your hand contains an ace and a ten valued card). This is obviously the best possible hand to have. When you have blackjack you will be paid three chips for every two that you have bet UNLESS the dealer also has a blackjack. Then it s a draw

Rules of online blackjack

  • The dealer has his own fixed rules that he has to adhere to. One of them being that he must hit until he reaches 17 or more. Hit meaning to take another card. However as the player you get to decides when to hit or when to Stand (stop taking cards). When a player wins the game by obtaining a hand value greater than the dealers hand, you win an amount equal to his wager. However, the player loses his bet should the dealers hand be less than or equal to 21 but greater than the player. A push is when both the player and the dealer's hand value are the same. The dealer will have his greatest advantage over the player when the player hits and goes bust, this is when they go over 21 and they lose their bet. However, keep in mind that the player has flexible play. He has four options. He determines when to hit, when to stand, when to split (play two separate hands) and when to Double Down (double your wager in favorable conditions). All face cards and tens are of equal value.
  • When the first 2 cards that are dealt to you are of equal value you can split, you then play with 2 individual hands. First you play out of the right hand and then followed by the left hand. Should an ace be drawn to a split this is NOT blackjack, however in order for the dealer to beat any hand of 21 he will have to have a blackjack.
  • You can only be dealt one additional card to your hand when you double down. When you double down you double your original wager and this can only be done when your hand consists of 2 cards. When you double down, you would do it when a favorable situation arises as this can appreciably add to your advantage. However there are casinos which restrict the option to double down on a split hand or / and only permitting doubling down when your two card hand totals ten or eleven. It is therefore best to locate a casino where there are no restriction or where they have the least restrictive double down rules of play.
  • When the dealer has an ace showing it is normally assumed that he may have blackjack and thus there is an another form of wager that is offered to the player. This is known as the Insurance option. The insurance bet costs one-half your original wager and if the dealer does in fact have blackjack the payoff is two-to-one. A two-to-one payoff on a wager that is one-half your original wager is an amount equal to your original wager. So when you win an insurance bet, the dealer will pay by leaving your original wager on the table.


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